UA2 Walkthrough

Underworld Army

Episode 2: Project Bermuda Triangle

Captive room:

  1. Click circular door on the floor.
  2. Click 1 up button 2 times.
  3. Click 3 down button, 5 up button and 3 down button.
  4. Click horizontal rod to open the door.

Briefing room:

  1. Walk down to briefing room.
  2. After the cutscene, click circular puzzle to the left of door.
  3. Click centre button to turn on each piece of the puzzle, click the outer ring to rotate the ring.
  4. Note the numbers in each piece. After all pieces are turned on, the puzzle will reset due to wrong order.
  5. After reset, use the numbers you have noted to turn the pieces on in ascending order of number.
  6. Walk out the door to submarine room.

Submarine room:

  1. After the cutscene, where you end up inside submarine, click On switch or card slot.
  2. You have to find the key card to the submarine.
  3. Come out of the submarine.
  4. Check the red tools box, it needs a fuse to open.
  5. Enter the room on front.


  1. Enter the lift.
  2. Click the panel on left and click the button on top to open the panel.
  3. Take the fuse from bottom right corner and go back to tools box in submarine room to open it.
  4. Take the screw driver, take the fuse with you and get back to lift panel.
  5. Place the fuse and use the screw driver to open pressure settings panel.
  6. Move marker on inner semi-circle to second marking.
  7. Move marker on outer semi-circle to fourth marking.

Control centre:

  1. Use the lift to enter control centre on second floor.
  2. You need to turn on power in the control centre in order to open the submarine card safe.

Power source:

  1. Enter power source floor.
  2. Enter game room and win each game to get 2 passcodes:
    1. Pass code to power room
    2. Pass code to wire puzzle of processing unit3.
  3. Enter power room with passcode CDAAB.
  4. You need to find Nuclear cell Nx to turn power on in floor 2.
  5. Pick up the white key from the floor.

Process Zone:

  1. Enter process zone.
  2. You can see the Nuclear cell Nx in the yellow safe. You need to turn off processing units in order to get the cell.
  3. Enter the car and insert the white key into the key hole.

Processing unit 1:

  1. Go to unit 1 using the car.
  2. Click the control panel of methane oxalate bubble shooter.
  3. You need to connect the Air outlet to Air sink to vent the air pressure before turning the machine off.
  4. Use the following picture to correctly position the pipe pieces:
  5. Click Off button.

Processing unit 2:

  1. Use the car to go to processing unit 2.
  2. Click caster control panel.
  3. Click Off button if the cover of the panel is closed.
  4. Click block arrow buttons in the following sequence:
(Note: To reset the puzzle, just go away and come back again to the panel)
  • Yellow up
  • Green left, down
  • Purple up, left, down
  • Red right
  • Green down, right
  • Red up
  • Yellow right, down
  • Green left, up
  • Red left
  • Green down, right, up, left
  • Red down, right
  1. This will turn off the machine.

Processing unit 3:

  1. Use the car to reach unit 3.
  2. Click extractor control panel and click off to open the panel cover.
  3. Use passcode from inventory to connect wires like following picture:
  4. This will turn the machine off.

Nuclear cell Nx:

  1. Use car to go all the way back and go to nuclear cell safe.
  2. Pick the cell up.
  3. Use lift to go to power source floor and enter power room.
  4. Place the cell into floor 2 slot.

Control centre:

  1. Use lift to go to control centre and go to submarine card safe.
  2. The pattern to the lock is available in Brain extractor machine of Processing unit3, similar to the following:

  3. Click Open and grab the submarine card.


  1. Go back to submarine in floor 1.
  2. Insert the submarine card into the slot and press On switch.
  3. Watch the end cutscene.

Thank you for playing!