the studio:
Prasan is based on the hindi word "प्रसन्न"(prasanna) which means happiness and delight. Prasan games is a one-person indie game studio founded in 2010. Prasan games aims to spread positivity in this world.
The vision that originally started this studio is: 
     "One day a game that artistically expresses the Singularity will purify the world"

the person:

I'm Prasanna Kumar K K. If it's hard to remember, please just keep Prasanna in mind.
I love the smell of clean and elegant code. I make games for several reasons, one of the most important being the ability to express, though I'm not very concerned about it for all of my games.
I hope to spread positivity in this world through games :). Thank you for reading. Cheers!

Please contact me to give feedback on my games, or on the website or anything else.
Contact e-mail: prasannakkcse[AT]gmail[DOT]com
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