Red Light Green Light (New!)
This is a loving app version of the childhood game played in many countries known by many names. Most popularly it is called Red Light Green Light. Don't move while the "It" watches you, else you will get caught!


Ever Hearts (New!)

A cute love story open to interpretation.
This is a platformer game where the narrative is intertwined with gameplay.
All levels can be played in the Free version with Male narrative only.
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Little Life: Adaptivity
A game about adapting.
"We are all connected - to each other and to our environment."
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Underworld Army 2
Escape from professor pain's evil plan.

Help Kichu solve his problem.

-Won First Prize on Newgrounds!

Move on land, swim in water, move in darkness and fly in air! Play as Bullet Ben  in this unique platform shooter/adventure.

Underworld Army 1
Save the world from the underworld army.

Game prototypes:

I am experimenting with a new platformer mechanic. Alpha version can be played on kongregate (click title/icon).