Underworld Army walkthrough

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Go to garage

Pickup screw driver

Go back outside

Go to front door

Take screw driver from inventory and click on the metal cover to open

Front Door puzzle:
Now arrange the pipes as follows :

Click the ball plunger 1, the ball will get to the ball plunger 2
Now arrange the pipes as follows:
Click the ball plunger 2, the ball will reach lock trigger and the door will open

Go to hall, click the clock arrangement, you need to find 2 fuses.

The door on the rightside of hall needs key, which is on the ceiling fan.

Click the Fan switch, which is on the wall, the switch will fall down.

Pick up the key and pick the key from inventory to use on the door.

Get inside the room, click the table-lamp to see password: 2958

Click the cupboard lock which is on the left side of the table.

Study room Cupboard lock puzzle :

To solve the puzzle :

Click right orange button once, and click ‘1’ button

Similarly click right orange button 7 times and click ‘2’ button

Now click right orange button 9 times and click ‘3’ button

Now click right orange button 7 times and click ‘4’ button

Now click right orange button 2 times, and wait for the cupboard door to open

Pick the fuse from the cupboard

Goto to hall, click clock arrangement and place the fuse on a fuse receptacle

Another fuse is in the garage, on the wall, which requires password 2958 and click Enter button.

Pick the fuse and place it on the fuse receptacle of clock arrangement.

The box opens.

Hall puzzle:

The puzzle requires to fill the balloon and bow&arrow piston with green gas, simultaneously.
Arrange the tubes as follows:

Now click the fourth button to shoot the arrow at the balloon, wait for the gate to open.

Get inside dining room, you can notice a big picture on the wall, click to view.

It will not open, you need to find 2 hands and 1 leg.

Go back to dining room, click the freezer of the refridgerator, click inside to view inside the freezer.

Click the orange DFrost button to melt the ice coat, you can see another switch at the back. Click it. The hanging lamp in dining room will come down.

Click the box on the lamp.

Dining hall Hanging Lamp puzzle:
You need to turn on all the 4 lamps, by bringing similar symbols on a single column. Solve the puzzle as follows:

Click RESET button once

Click column 4, down button once

Click row 2, right button twice

Click column 4, Up button once

Click row 2, left button once

Click column 4, Up button once

Click row 2, left button once

The box will open, pick up the hand, and fix it on the Rick’s body.

Now go upstairs from dining room.

There are 3 doors:

1 door on the right is sealed.

Door on the front leads to Play room

Door on the left leads to Library

Go to playroom, click on the dice game box lying on the floor.

Play the dice game by clicking on the Pink Dice.

Win the game by reaching the station before computer.

If lose, try again till you win.

When you win the dice game, the toy train will move into the hole, and bring you a Hand.

Pick the leg.

Now go to library, click the computer which is on the left corner.

Story-maker puzzle:
Arrange the pictures as follows:

Click the check button, you will get a Leg.

Now open the door at the right corner, which leads to bedroom.

Click the second pillow, pick up the green paper.

The green paper contains Rick’s body arrangement, the content inside the rectangle is not visible. It will be visible only at a temperature >70 degree celcius.

Go downstairs to dining hall, go to kitchen, lit the gas stove, place the paper on the flame.

Now the paper will show Rick’s body arrangement.

Rick puzzle:
Place the remaining leg and hand on Rick and click the hands and legs to rotate them to position shown on the green paper as follows:

Click open button.

Secret Lift:

Get inside the passage, you will find the Secret Lift.

Click on the panel on the leftside of the lift, Professor Pain’s finger print is required.

Go back to dining room, open the door which is on the left corner, near the Rick picture.

Get inside, it is Lavatory.

Click on the top cover of the flush to remove it.

Now click flush button, fp-glasskit is thrown out, which can be used to detect finger prints.

Click the glass from inventory, everything appears blue.

Go to bedroom through stairs, and open the door at the corner, which leads to bathroom.

There you can see finger print on right-side wall. Click on it to pick.

Now go back to lift power control. Use fingerprint on the panel, to activate Lift.

Now get inside Lift, press Down arrow button to go straight to station, by skipping other floors. But the station door needs Orange access card.

Now get inside Lift, press Up arrow button to go to Weapons lab.

The Weapons lab door need Blue Access card.

Now go back to lift, go to EE lab, it needs green access card.

Go back to dining room, and to Kitchen.

Open the first cupboard, pick the Green Access card.

Go back to EElab.

Go to Circuitry.

You will find a broken Robot lying on the floor, click it.

The robot needs nuclear cell to activate the buttons.

Pick screw driver from inventory, remove the screws from robot’s hand.

You will find a fuse.

Pick it, go back to junction, click the arrangement on the Electricals door switch.

Press the buttons to bring both the holes to the centre. You will see a screw.

Remove it using screw-driver.

Place the fuse on the receptacle.

Now come back, press the switch to open Electricals door.

Get inside.

Press ladder switch, the ladder wont move beyond the blockade.

Click on the red box of the blockade.

Ladder stopper puzzle:
Arrange the 4 pieces by looking at the wall of Playroom as follows:

Click Open.

Now go back, click ladder switch.

Now get inside the passage using the ladder.

Go further inside, you will get a nuclear cell, pick it.

But it is empty.

Go back to Circuitry room, get inside Nuclear reactor room.

Place the nuclear cell inside the nuclear reactor.

Click the control box which is on the left of the reactor.

Nuclear reactor control box puzzle:

To get required value 13200

Set temperature to 33

Set voltage to 65

Set Fuel to 34

Press Start button.

After the reactor opens, pick up the nuclear cell which was charged.

Robot puzzle:

Go back to circuitry, place nuclear cell on the robot.

To make all the 10 bulbs glow:
First switch Once

Second switch 6 times.
First switch Once

Second switch 6 times
First switch once

Second switch 6 times

First switch once

Seond switch 6 times
First switch Once.

Now all lights will glow.

You will get Blue access card.

Pick it, go to Weapons lab by lift.

Use the blue card to open the door.

Go to firing range, go to far back of the firing range, you will see orange access card stuck inside yellow box.

You need to find Foexx weapon to break the box.

Go back to weapons lab junction, go to Weapons depot.

The weapons producer computer needs power.

Click on the wires box on the left-side of the computer.

Weapons depot wire puzzle:
Connect the wires as follows:

Now click weapon producer computer.

Enter passcode as 835, which could be found in a cupboard in firing range.

Click produce button.

Pick Foexx weapon from the producer.

Foex weapon needs Ammo.

Go back to weapons lab junction.

Go to Ammo depot.

Click computer on the bottom.

Enter passcode as 538 which is reverse of 835.

Pick ammo.

Now go to Firing range.

Click on weapons test platform at the center.

Take Foexx from inventory, place it on black fixture.

Click Fire button to shoot, the yellow box breaks.

Now go to far back and pick the orange access card.

Now get to the Station using lift.

You can find a small train inside.

The train needs battery to be placed on the visible side of its body.

You will find a pattern in the battery box.

Go to EElab and get to Electricals room.

On the right, you will see Power source room.

There you can find Train battery container.

Click its lock.

Train battery container lock:
Click the bulbs to get the pattern as follows:

Click Open button.

Take the battery.

Go back to train and place the battery.

Get inside the train.

Press Go button.

Army assembly:

The train will take you to Army assembly.

Get to commanding centre.

Click the Computer screen on the bottom of the commander.

Click ‘self-destruct’ button. It needs Neuro-toxin and Virus.

Go to Computer lab, click first computer.

Virus puzzle:

Solve the puzzle as follows:

Move blue block to Right, Up, Left, Down.

Move Green block to Right, down.

Move Red block to Left, Up, Right, Down, Left.

Click Create Virus button.

Pick up the virus.

Now go to chemistry lab from commanding centre.

Neuro-toxin producer puzzle:

Click neuron-toxin producer panel.

Set Chemical A to 21

Set Chemical B to 77

Set Chemical C to 65

Click Produce button.

Pick neuron-toxin.

Go back to Commander’s computer.

Click self-destruct button and place virus and neuron-toxin.

---That’s the end—

Now watch the suspense.